Here’s a great question I was asked recently:

“I am so overwhelmed by the task list in my BRAIN that I don’t even know how to get it out… and into Asana or onto paper. What should I do?”

We’ve all been there!

I call those free-floating, pesky ideas taking up space in your mind 🪰BRAIN FLIES🪰

Stuff like…

☑️ Don’t forget to finish drafting Module 2 of the new course before Friday!

☑️ Order groceries for delivery on Sunday morning

☑️ Start posting on TikTok ASAP

☑️ Learn Swedish – seems fun 🤓

Even one or two brain flies floating around can be annoying…

But the worst feeling is an ATTACK of brain flies! When you’re so overwhelmed by all of the tasks swirling around in your brain that you don’t even know where to start.

Today let’s talk about your new SORTING SYSTEM for those brain flies… So you can clear up some space in your mind and get back into focus!

>> Click here to watch “Attack of the BRAIN FLIES 🪰💥” on YouTube (10 min) <<


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Carey & Demir Bentley
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