Lifehack Method is a leading productivity company where professionals from dozens of industries across the globe come to learn how to work effectively without burning out. Our proven approach, using the proprietary Lifehack Method and Winning The Week Method, achieves incredible results for our clients.

At Lifehack Method, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset.

We recognize that the key to success is not just about meeting our business goals but also about supporting our people in achieving a fulfilling lifestyle. This approach not only benefits our people but also strengthens our company by promoting a culture of productivity, creativity, and innovation.

What makes Lifehack Method different?

For one, our company is one hundred percent remote and has been since day one. We keep communication overhead low, to allow you to get focused work done without a constant stream of annoying distractions and pings. Our people are encouraged to manage their time and priorities, rather than simply trying to “get everything done.” In sum, we try to live by the same principles we coach our clients, so that we can all achieve the work/life balance we crave.

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