Today’s video is for all of your Lifehackers out there struggling to meet DEADLINES.

Let’s talk about why that is probably happening!

Because I get it, gang… You aren’t trying to miss your deadlines.

You don’t want to feel behind or incompetent… Who would?!

And yet —  time and time again — due dates come and pass.

And there is, of course, a good reason for you missing those deadlines.

Maybe it was a family emergency

Or a huge pile of urgent paperwork you boss threw at your last minute

Or you got sick, and it lasted longer than you expected…

Whatever it might be — it’s easy to use it as an excuse.

But here’s a little tough love, gang:

We all get sick. We all have personal emergencies. We all have to deal with unexpected work being thrown at us.

That’s life, baby!

So how do we get on OFFENSE with our schedule?

How do we stay on top of all of the stuff that’s thrown our way? Two words…


Today I’m sharing a clip from a recent Q&A all about the importance of building BUFFER into your schedule:

>> Click here to watch “Missing Deadlines? Here’s Why Flex Time Is CRUCIAL To Your Sanity” (5 min) <<


And leave me a comment letting me know: Are you struggling to meet your deadlines? 😬

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