Carey and I have been running this company together for nearly a decade now.  

And throughout the years, there have been a few times when I’ve caught myself thinking:

Ohhh, Carey is TOTALLY screwing this thing up right now…
And you know what…
I’m going to be the bigger person, and just LET her screw it up!
Learn the lesson for herself.
Yeah, this is great for her.
I’ll just quietly watch from the sidelines.

I would — in my head — feel like such a good person. A saint, really!

And then…

She wouldn’t screw it up. She’d totally nail it. Knock the project outta the park.

And I’d think to myself:

Thank GOD I didn’t say anything! I would look like suuuuch a dunce right now. Of course she nailed it — she always nails it!

Gang, I’ve learned over the years that not all feedback is necessary when working with your partner.

Giving your partner the space to make moves without constant criticism or judgement is a WAY better approach.

Because odds are, their failures will never be that big. And the lessons they get to learn from their failures are better than the ones you could ever try and teach them.

We talk way more about this (and a ton of other great tips for working with your partner) in today’s brand new podcast episode!

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And let us know in the comments: Do you work with your partner? What’s your #1 piece of advice?

Carey & Demir Bentley
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