Who here’s been feeling pretty OVERWHELMED lately?


Oftentimes when we’re feeling overwhelmed, people will offer unhelpful (albeit good-intentioned) advice.

Just learn this totally new (incredibly complicated) software — it’ll fix everything!

You should hire an assistant!

Ask Jim for help — he’ll probably need a ton of direction to get started… but then he’ll nail it!

Of course those people are just trying to be helpful… But when you’re in this state of hyper-stress, that last thing you want to do is add more work, new processes, or extra stress to your plate.

You’re just trying to stay afloat 😅

So what SHOULD you be doing to reduce overwhelm without adding MORE to your plate?

Absolutely without a DOUBT… Step 1 is pre-planning.

Planning your week ahead of time allows you to see landmines in your schedule (forgotten appointments, recitals for your kids, etc) before you step on them.

I talk more about this — and the next 2 simple steps you should take to reduce overwhelm — in today’s video.

>> Watch “Combating Overwhelm With Just 3 Simple Steps” (4 min) HERE <<

Let me know in the comments: what do YOU do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Carey & Demir Bentley
Lifehack Method