Today I want to talk about the difference between Extreme Ownership and Self-Blame.

It’s a concept that I see a lot of my clients getting tripped up on. So I’ve got an analogy that’s really helped me conceptualize it better…

Picture this:

You are the captain of a ship sailing through stormy seas 🚢🌊⛈️

BLAME is focusing on the storm.

The crazy rain pelting down…
The waves crashing against the boat…
The damage your ship is sustaining…

You tell yourself:

This storm is all my FAULT. I am such an IDIOT for setting sail in these conditions!

You feel guilty, overwhelmed, and powerless to make any important decisions.

This helps no one.

EXTREME OWNERSHIP, on the other hand, acknowledges that while the storm might not be your fault… It is your RESPONSIBILITY to navigate your ship through it.

Instead of dwelling on the storm, you focus on solutions.

You feel empowered to lead your crew…

Adapt to the situation at hand…

And ultimately lead your ship to its destination safely.

See what I mean? There’s a MASSIVE difference between Extreme Ownership and Self-Blame. It’s all in the approach.

I dive deeper in this week’s video. Watch here:

>> Click here to watch “Extreme Ownership Vs Self-Blame 😳” (5 min) <<

And let me know in the comments: Do you typically operate from a place of BLAME or OWNERSHIP?

Carey & Demir Bentley
Lifehack Method