When you think of SUCCESS… What comes to mind?

Achieving your biggest, most ambitious goals…

Making a ton of cash…

The nice house and fancy car…

Here’s the thing: Many of us were taught that success was alllll about the paycheck.

But I’m not making a huge, controversial statement when I say that there’s so much more to success than just chasing money!

So today I want to bust some success MYTHS that could be holding YOU back from your very best life ⬇️

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I want to share one MYTH with you now:

If you’re not successful yet… You must not be working HARD enough.

So many of us have been taught that working longggg hours is the secret to success.

But burning the candle at both ends is actually just a one-way ticket to BURN OUT.

The real trick is to build yourself a sustainable schedule.

Not only will you prevent exhaustion and burnout… You’ll also be more productive and creative in the long run.

I talk more about this in today’s video!

If you’ve read this far I’d LOVE to see you in the comments of our video! Let me know: what was the biggest myth about success that you were taught?

Let me know in the comments… How many times a week are YOUR priorities being derailed? Are you scheduling Flex Time into your calendar?

Carey & Demir Bentley
Lifehack Method