Quite often, I will ask clients:

Do you think there is any GUNK built up in your life — work or otherwise — that you could CUT out right now?

And I pretty much always get a version of “There is ABSOLUTELY stuff that I could cut!”

But then when I ask them to get specific — What tasks, projects, processes, or people do you think are pulling you down unnecessarily?

It’s like suddenly every single thing in their life is precious gold. Like cutting any of it out would be impossible.

And listen, gang… I get it.

Cutting anything out means saying NO to something… And there are very real consequences when you start getting pickier about how you spend your time.

That can be pretty uncomfortable!
But those No’s make way for so many more epic Yes’s.
Demir and I recorded an episode of our podcast all about cutting the bottom 20% from your life.

We’re sharing some insight on how to figure out your bottom 20%, examples of gunk we’ve cut out of our business, and SO much more!

>> Click here to watch on YouTube (17 min) <<

Can you think of an example of something you could CUT from your work or life that’s holding you back unnecessarily? Let us know in the comments!

Carey & Demir Bentley
Lifehack Method