Justene has been a veterinarian for more than 2 decades… and she has owned her practice for almost 7 years now.

She’s super passionate about her career – but running a practice is another thing entirely 🙁

She didn’t have systems in place that would allow the business to run when she wasn’t around.

She also had a habit of hiring unskilled people, but never had time to train them. So her team was chronically overworked and underpaid.

Suddenly, everyone began to quit. It was a mutiny! And it set her business back years.

It was then that she joined our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp. She knew she needed to step up her game in a big way, and she knew she’d need help doing so.

She started to think of the mass mutiny as an opportunity to change everything. Essentially start from a blank slate.

She completely redesigned her entire business – she created powerful systems and processes, hired experienced vets, and was able to automate a lot of her former responsibilities.

This past month has been the clinic’s highest grossing month since she bought it… Right on the heels of her going on her second safari of 2019.

I just got an email from her recently:

“You guys started something in me. I’m not perfect but I am making progress! Massive imperfect action is the exact way! This was at odds with my original mindset… Changing this was key. Now we help more clients and animals than ever before…”

She doesn’t have to worry about her practice while she’s away – it’s thriving without her!