Our theme for the 2019 is “1% better.” 

We’re on the hunt for those small tweaks that can make our team more productive and make the biggest difference for our clients. 

That’s why part 1 of this series has 6 tips that small business owners can use to create a workplace culture of productivity and low stress. 

They’re all simple tweaks to the way you lead your team that have the potential to yield huge results, like…

reducing turnover, 
managing happier employees, 
growing your business faster,
and creating more free time across the board (our favorite!).

Watch part 1 of our series for small business owners here: 

Now for Step 2:

Ever wonder how to motivate your team to be more productive…without stressing them out or cracking the whip? 

It’s entirely possible – and in fact it’s the BEST way to create a high performing team. 

So if you’re a leader who wants to develop motivated team members who…

…achieve more 
…love working with you
…are happy working in their role 
…grow the business faster
…and save you time…

Then take a peek at Part 2, How To Create A Productive Team