Alexis left her entire career to purchase and run a handful of children’s haircut shops. 

After growing her 5 salons she had the opportunity to buy the entire Franchise… 

… At first it was momentous and exciting, but pretty soon she started to feel trapped in her work.

She had inherited a stable business with a lot of potential, but very little structure. She knew she needed processes and procedures in place to ensure the success of the franchise.

But where was she going to find the TIME to build those systems?

She already felt like she had no life; no time for the things that mattered the most (like her daughter’s water-polo games).

Instead of scaling her business, she was just scaling her overwhelm.

Her question is probably your question:  “How do I find the time to work ON my business when I’m always working IN my business?”

Alexis joined our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp with a goal to create systems that would enable her business to run efficiently without her micromanaging it. 

The results speak for themselves: Alexis just recently opened the 108th store in her franchise! 

Her franchise is on the Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest growing franchises, and is now the #1 Children’s Hair Salon in the world! 

How incredible is that?!  All from 28 stores.

Wanna know something even MORE incredible? She created enough time to do all of this even while she coached her daughter’s water-polo team! 

Talk about a super-mom!