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  • The “Winning Your Week” Formula –  7 simple steps to plan out your week in 30 minutes FLAT 
  • How to create more time for Deep Work, and avoid getting overwhelmed by Shallow Work
  • How to find landmines ahead of time that would otherwise derail your week
  • How to move from CONFUSION to CLARITY around your true priorities
  • How to break through procrastination to start taking massive action towards your goals
  • And more…

Dietmar, Software Entrepreneur

Dietmar made $12K euros in 1 week using this system. Then he engineered himself out of his business & started working just 1 day a week.


Dr Brandie scaled her business 3x, opening 2 new offices and finally purchasing her dream vacation home.

Franchise CEO

Alexis scaled her franchise from 28 stores to 108 stores. Her franchise is now on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing franchises.

Do you end the week feeling like you didn’t get enough done?

If you said yes, you’re not alone!

There’s only 52 golden opportunities to turn your dreams into reality each year. Are you going to seize them? Or let them slip away? 

It’s a choice you make at the start of every week. And the good news is, there’s only ONE thing you need to do to set yourself up for a home run:

PLAN your week in advance. 

If you DON’T plan…or you plan in the wrong way…you’re “planning to fail.”

You’ll have fires to extinguish all week long. You’ll feel like you have MORE to do than you could ever possibly do, even if you never slept (and you don’t get enough sleep as it is)! 

Worst of all — if you let your weeks control YOU instead of controlling THEM, you could end up fulfilling someone else’s dreams instead of  your own.

But simply by planning ahead using my Winning The Week formula, you’ll not only crush every week — you’ll find that your biggest dreams unfold into reality faster too.

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