The FAST Time Mastery Process

The 4 Skills You’ve Been Missing To Unlock Productivity With Ease

(Without A Single Fancy App)

Masterclass With Demir & Carey Bentley

This training will almost certainly result in productive work days, stress-free weeks and more time for yourself. Do not attempt if you prefer to continue to work nights and weekends.

On The Agenda…


Recover 10 hours

How to use Carey & Demir’s secret FAST Method to recover 10 hours in your busy week… almost immediately!


Why you've been misled

Discover why the trick to productivity is NOT getting all the things done (and why the secret to a stress free and enjoyable life is actually quite the opposite)

The #1 superpower of the modern economy

How to make sure you’re STRENGTHENING it so you consistently outperform your peers, instead of letting it atrophy like everyone else around you.

The Best Way To Be Productive

It’s an iPhone, no… it’s an Android phone… no, it’s a $3 pack of sticky notes!

Bringing the FUN back

What it takes to make work fun again (so you can enjoy what you’re doing again, just like when you started) – All Rights Reserved