Fractional Online Business Manager (OBM)

Remote  |  Global

As we grow, Lifehack Method is creating a Fractional OBM role to oversee our operations and coaching teams. This is a key role because this person will interface between operations staff and client-facing coaches to create the best, most transformative and positive experience for our members while decreasing costs and increasing profit for the business.    

This position requires someone detail-oriented, highly tech-savvy, and incredibly organized with experience managing remote teams and experience in the education/membership coaching industry.

The right person loves solving problems using data and finds joy in diving into spreadsheets, metrics, and data sources. They love suggesting improvements to processes, automations, and finding better ways for themselves and others to get things done.

This person cares deeply about the mission of Lifehack Method and believes that there’s always room for improvement on our journey to create a generational shift in productivity.


This role is responsible for overseeing all operations of the business, including the membership website, creating and monitoring data dashboards, creation of new processes, scripts, and documents as needed throughout the business, tweaking existing products to improve sales and client experience, upselling existing clients, handling tricky customer service requests and being the “hub of the wheel” between team members. Team members from all departments should come to you with their questions and know they will get their concerns addressed and questions answered accurately.

The right person loves to work independently, does not need the constant presence of co-workers, and craves a working environment free from distractions and interruptions. They are positive, proactive in making suggestions and implementing changes for improvement, and systems-oriented. 

This role reports to the CEO, Carey Bentley.

Key Responsibilities

  • Operational Oversight: The OBM is responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the company, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning across departments.
    • For example:
    • Interfacing with copywriters to design promotions
    • Looking at competitor’s sites and implementing improvements to our user interface using AccessAlly
    • Creating upsells and downsells inside our funnels
    • Interviewing clients to collect video testimonials
    • Creating and monitoring funnels and improving them
    • Answering tricky client questions that may stump customer service
    • Send out surveys (including EOY) to clients to measure satisfaction
    • Quality checking email newsletters before they go out
  • Strategy Implementation: Collaborating with the CEO to translate business strategies into actionable plans and initiatives that drive growth and profitability.
  • Process Improvement: Identifying & implementing opportunities to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs to enhance overall operational performance.
    • Reviewing and improving web pages across the site
    • Creating new zaps in Zapier, new data reports in Supermetrics and Google Sheets, and new automations in ActiveCampaign as needed
  • Team Leadership: Providing leadership and guidance to team members in all departments to ensure alignment with company goals and objectives.
    • Assigning tasks to team members and following up with team members to make sure their assignments are completed.
    • Interviewing and hiring of any future roles.
  • Performance Monitoring: Monitoring key operational metrics and performance indicators to track progress towards goals and identify areas for improvement, and creating data dashboards where necessary
    • Tracking many types of data related to member retention, engagement, and satisfaction to help us figure out if a strategy is working or not


  • Passion for clients – you care about the clients we serve and want them to get the results they came for! 
  • Creative problem solver – you enjoy diving deep into the weeds of taking a strategy and executing it.
  • Leadership – others frequently describe you as an effective leader of teams, with great communication skills. 
  • Tech-savvy – diving into new technologies and getting them to work in cool new ways is exciting to you, not scary. 
  • Detail-oriented – you’re highly organized and know how to take something big and undefined down to the task level for execution.
  • Models Lifehack Method values – you make a great first impression because you’re clearly in control of your time and schedule
  • Open to feedback – you don’t get perturbed when someone gives you feedback on how to improve. In fact, you seek it out because you want to grow. 

Results & KPIs

  • Maintain monthly operational expenses at or below $23,000
  • Support revenue growth to increase net profits to 35% or more of topline revenue
  • Increase 12-month LTV Tribe members to $1500 using upsells and customer retention initiatives.
  • Increase Customer Retention across Tribe members by re-training the customer service and coaching teams in “save the sale” retention plans
  • Maintain strong employee / contractor relationships as measured by retention, so we can build a team of rockstars.

Hours & Pay

  • This position requires roughly 15 hours a week  
  • It pays $3500 a month


  • This position is 100% remote. The right person will see that as a huge benefit to achieving their lifestyle goals. 
  • 1-2 in-person meetings per year which would require you to travel to meet with us.

Communication Expectations

  • Use extreme ownership when communicating with the team. If there is something you need that you aren’t getting, it is your responsibility to follow up and ask for it, multiple times if necessary. 
  • Most of our communication will happen via Asana


  • Be available on a part-time basis Monday through Friday and ready to be our go-to person in the event of emergencies or crisis.

Lifehack Method Core Values

Our core values are what brings our team together at Lifehack Method. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each of them is crucial to making our business & team successful.

Mission Motivated

Believe in the mission of Lifehack Method — to inspire a generational change in productivity. Have passion for the results of our clients. Know that what you’re doing every day changes lives in a very tangible way. 

Extreme Ownership

Own your job and your results. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and figure out how to fix it. If something isn’t working for you, say something. Suggest solutions and have a proactive attitude, rather than complaining and expecting others to solve your problems. 

Sincere Candor 

Have the self-awareness to see the hard truths that improve yourself and others. Have the courage to communicate those hard truths, and the humility to accept them, even when it stings. Nothing great can be built without feedback. 

Freedom Lifestyle 

You’re passionate about designing your own freedom life — after all, that’s the end goal of using the Lifehack Method. A big part of why you’re on this team is because working here helps you fulfill your own freedom lifestyle.

Interested? Here’s how to apply:

Please click the button below to apply.

If we think you would be a good fit, the next step will be a live call interview. We will be taking applications through April 15th and making a hiring decision at the start of May.