Boost Mode Coach

Remote  |  Global

Lifehack Method is looking for an Accountability Coach to support our Lifehack Tribe membership community through the Boost Mode Program. In this role you’ll be a highly-trained accountability coach, helping your one-on-one clients clarify their weekly goals, monitor their progress, and supplement their willpower with accountability. Communications with your clients will take place weekly and will alternate between live Zoom calls and text-based check-ins. 

This position requires someone with an unwavering commitment to client success. This person is reliable, friendly and manages their calendar and communications impeccably. Importantly, this person has achieved personal success in the Lifehack Tribe program and can successfully guide members through the goal-setting process. 

The right person loves to work independently, does not need the constant presence of co-workers, and craves a working environment free from distractions and interruptions. They are positive, excited to support members through their productivity journey, and love talking one-on-one with others. This role reports to the Coaching Team Manager, Amy Kuchan, and involves coordination with various other team members too.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review and synthesize new client intake questionnaires
  • Host 50-minute one-on-one kick off calls and recurring 25-minute accountability calls with clients (preparation before every call is mandatory)
  • Lead, track and respond to client text-based check-ins
  • Help clients define specific and measurable weekly goals
  • Guide clients through the calendarizing process (assist them in blocking time and scheduling Focusmate sessions to complete their goals)
  • Assist clients in identifying potential blocks to their success
  • Define accountability specifics for each goal (ex: “send a screenshot of ___ when you’ve completed your goal”) 
  • Help clients celebrate their success and learn lessons from setbacks
  • Create and manage client progress trackers
  • Manage recurring live call schedules and text check-ins across many clients (make sure clients receive their allotted calls and check-ins each month)
  • Review client feedback and implement improvement strategies
  • Be thinking constantly about ways to improve the process and suggest changes to Amy via Asana
  • Be enthusiastic about trying new ways of leading the call (even when not given perfect instructions) 
  • Provide call recordings and seek out feedback from Amy to continually improve as a leader of this call


  • Ownership – you take full ownership of your client’s experience and success in the Boost Mode program
  • Personal Results – you’ve implemented the Lifehack Method in your life and seen exciting results. You are inspired by how impactful this work can be for yourself and others! 
  • Friendly and warm – others frequently describe you as open and welcoming. You like other people and other people like you.
  • Models Lifehack Method values – you make a great first impression because you’re clearly in control of your time and schedule. You pre-plan and win your week consistently. You understand the 4 layers of accountability.
  • Great presentation – you have a place in your house or office with a great background (not a Zoom background blur or stock photo), great lighting on your face (no down lighting from overhead lights please), and ability to stand up while at your desk. Your webcam is high quality and shows a crisp, clear image in 1080p or higher. 
  • Reliability – if you have been scheduled to lead a call, you will be there no matter what. Zero flakiness will be tolerated. If you absolutely need to reschedule due to an emergency or conflict, you do so with as much advance notice as possible. 
  • Open to feedback – you don’t get perturbed when someone gives you feedback on how to improve. In fact, you seek it out because you want to grow. 

Results & KPIs

  • Consistently generates success for Boost Mode clients by helping them set clear and achievable goals
  • Consistently generates positive feedback from Boost Mode clients after their calls and check-ins with you
  • Displays low client cancellation rates
  • Uses the Lifehack Method to continually see improvements and gains in your personal life, so that you can authentically see the value in what we do here and share that success with your clients

Hours & Pay

  • This position is a contractor position. 
  • It pays $50 an hour and includes any time related to Boost Mode Coaching (such as call preparation, hosting calls, texting clients, implementing improvements, etc) 
  • We expect this program to grow, and for each coach to be able to handle up to 60 clients at one time. This equates to approximately 20-25 hours per week of work.
  • Track your hours on your own using a service like Toggl or Harvest


  • This position is 100% remote. The right person will see that as a huge benefit to achieving their lifestyle goals.

Communication Expectations

  • Use extreme ownership when communicating with the team. If there is something you need that you aren’t getting, it is your responsibility to follow up and ask for it, multiple times if necessary. 
  • Training materials will be provided via the team Asana workspace
  • Most of our communication will happen via Asana
  • There is also a team whatsapp thread with all the other Boost Mode coaches. 
  • There is also one bi-weekly team meeting that is mandatory to attend.


  • 20-25 hours of availability each week
  • You are in charge of your own schedule, so you can open up blocks of time as you’re available to host Boost Mode calls
  • However, once you’re booked for a call, we ask that you do not reschedule it. 

Lifehack Method Core Values

Our core values are what brings our team together at Lifehack Method. The right person for this role will appreciate each of these values, personally subscribe to them, and understand why each of them is crucial to making our business & team successful.

Mission Motivated

Believe in the mission of Lifehack Method — to inspire a generational change in productivity. Have passion for the results of our clients. Know that what you’re doing every day changes lives in a very tangible way. 

Extreme Ownership

Own your job and your results. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and figure out how to fix it. If something isn’t working for you, say something. Suggest solutions and have a proactive attitude, rather than complaining and expecting others to solve your problems. 

Champion the Client 

We stand for the Client and their best results, even when it’s difficult. This doesn’t mean saying yes to anything the Client asks for — rather, it means believing in their dreams even when they lose focus and feel discouraged.

Freedom Lifestyle 

You’re passionate about designing your own freedom life — after all, that’s the end goal of using the Lifehack Method. A big part of why you’re on this team is because working here helps you fulfill your own freedom lifestyle.

Interested? Here’s how to apply:

Record a 2-5 minute video that introduces yourself, describes your background, and explains your interest in the position. Send the video as a shareable Google Drive link (or via other shareable video platform) to [email protected] with the subject Boost Mode Video Application. Provide a synopsis of your work history and your references in the email as well.

If we think you would be a good fit, the next step will be a live call interview. We will be taking applications through the end of May and making a hiring decision at the start of June.