Have you ever felt totally stuck on a big project or problem within your company, waiting for a breakthrough that never seems to be coming? And you feel like you could really use a break, but don’t feel like you’ve EARNED the break because you haven’t had that breakthrough? Truth is, sometimes a break is exactly what your mind and body needs to start churning out your best ideas and breakthroughs. Today I’m giving you an inside scoop on RADICAL SELF CARE (3 mins):
In today’s video – brought to you from a vacation I just recently went on – I talk about…
  • How being chronically tired can inhibit your ability to produce your best work
  • My typical mental pattern while on vacation (that always ends in breakthrough)
  • How to practice radical self care
But wait – there’s more! If you want to learn more from us about radical self care, we were recently on Charlie Gilkey’s Productive Flourishing podcast talking about this exact topic! We deep dive with him on how living powerfully can help you work powerfully, discussing topics like…
  • Why there’s a complex in this culture that work is its own reward and that we don’t need any rest, even though studies show this is absolutely not the case
  • Why using your down time – whether that’s for relaxing or having a hobby that you know will pay off in the end – is so crucial for your overall productivity
  • How you can tap into what motivates you and use that motivation to drive yourself forward towards happiness and contentment
  • What you can do to start combining your personal to-do list with your professional to-do list in order to live a more fulfilling life
It’s available on all major podcast platforms, or you can listen and download here: https://www.productiveflourishing.com/podcast/carey-demir-bentley/

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