Missy is a busy bee.

When we met her, she was a corporate trainer and teacher by day, and she had an Airbnb business on the side. 

She wasn’t a stranger to self development and productivity – but she was in need of some major accountability and support!

The problem

Missy had too much on her plate. Work was stressful, her AirBnb side hustle wasn’t scaling the way she’d hoped…

And then she decided to go into business with her partner. 

And sh*t hit the fan.

In one fell swoop: her business crashed, her relationship fell apart, and she plunged into bankruptcy.

She reached – and surpassed – her breaking point.

I expected improvement in prioritizing my time and improving my processes to “get sh*t done,” and I absolutely saw those results. However, what I did not expect was to find myself again; I really didn’t even realize that I had lost myself. During this bootcamp, I gained massive clarity in finding a new direction to improve myself and my relationships.

I also did not expect Demir to be as personally invested in me as he was. To have him personally reach out to me proactively throughout the bootcamp was definitely beyond my expectation and made the coaching even more beneficial because I felt very comfortable opening up.

Missy Wanstall

What she did

Missy signed up for the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp, hoping to learn how to cope with the overwhelm.

…But what she got was a complete overhaul of her life!

She faced all of her worst-case scenarios at ONCE. And got through it.

First, she focused in on her core productivity system. She redesigned how she got things done from the ground up, and implemented new practices to get herself clear on her top priorities.

Then, she used the Lifehack Method to get massive clarity on her true priorities. She made several hard decisions and said “no” many times to competing priorities on her plate. 

This last year has taught me to just surrender to the [Lifehack Method] process. It’s so out of character for me to turn over control of my habits and practices to someone other than myself… But clearly my way of doing things wasn’t working! I surrendered … and that one moment of surrender changed my entire life.

Missy Wanstall

The result

Within a year, she was back on the road to financial freedom. She shed SO MANY unwanted commitments, both financial and personal. And she even started a completely new side hustle that’s actually thriving!

I see this so often among our clients. Brilliant, talented, driven people who are capable of incredible success… Who are plagued with analysis paralysis.  

As her coach, I can tell you that once Missy “let go,” absorbed all feedback, and trusted the process… She became UNSTOPPABLE. 

Sometimes it’s better to turn off your brain and embrace a trusted process for digging yourself out of the hole. And when you do, the progress goes so much faster than you could have imagined.

In her post-Bootcamp survey, she ranked the improvement the Bootcamp has had on her life as a 10/10.

She says she saves an average of an hour a day just as a result of the systems she built inside the program. That’s a lot more quality time with her son!

More importantly, she said her return on investment in the Bootcamp was priceless

I’m so proud of you Missy! 

If you want to have a life where you can have it all – the career, the marriage, the family, the health, the fulfillment– without having to DO it all, then the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp could be for you. 

Demir & Carey Bentley

Demir and Carey Bentley are the founders of Lifehack Method, WSJ & USA Today bestselling authors, and executive productivity coaches. They've helped thousands of people avoid burnout and soar to their highest level of productivity. Read more about them here.