Jenn is a busy project manager specializing in higher education from Canada. 

She is an avid believer in developing herself, and so when a friend referred her to Lifehack Method, she dove into the world of productivity & performance.

Once I scrolled through your website, watched a few videos on your 4-Layered Accountability system, it was a no-brainer for me. And very early on in my discovery of Lifehack Bootcamp, I got on a call with a real person. That proved to me you’re all very authentic, real people that make yourselves available for your clients. That’s when I was convinced that you had something that was going to help me piece everything together.


Project Manager

The problem

Jenn’s life was not going the way she had planned. The last few years had shaken her to her core!

She got a divorce, was hating her job, and just had this gnawing feeling that if she didn’t make a change that things would continue to get worse.

She found herself freaking out about things she used to feel in control of, and dropping the ball uncharacteristically.

She needed to figure out how to change her career to something she loved, and create a lifestyle that worked for her.

Her biggest concern was maintaining a healthy dynamic with her son.

She was worried that being excessively stressed and busy was negatively affecting the way he was experiencing her, and wanted to spend more dedicated time with him and not feel her mind wandering to everything else she had on her plate.

What she did

Jenn went all-in and took our 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp.

Her big goal was to be able to work with one of her “hero organizations” by the time of graduation.

First, she focused in on her core productivity system. She redesigned how she got things done from the ground up, and implemented new practices to get herself clear on her top priorities. She started focusing at a deeper level, and started getting work done faster, which freed up her time to start the job search.

She pushed against her fear and negativity and started reaching out to the companies she loved and admired…

… and one of those companies got back to her with a big fat YES!

She landed a job at the forefront of her dream industry. And as a bonus – she got the ability to work from home.

Now she gets to have her cake and eat it too – working her dream job and spending amazing quality time with her son.

The 60-Day Bootcamp totally changed my life!

I’m working and living with an entirely new perspective and set of tools. I’m stepping back to look at the systems in my life and how I take them to new levels by being intentional about how I do things.

I’m most proud of pushing through my fear and uncertainty to make some huge leaps forward in meeting my one year goal.


Project Manager

The result

Jenn took a lot of Massive Imperfect Action in her Bootcamp, and was able to make a huge shift in her life. 

As his coach, I can tell you that her ability to absorb the feedback, be present for the coaching, and actively push outside her comfort zone made her a star student.

In her post-Bootcamp survey, she ranked the improvement the Bootcamp has had on her life as a 10/10.

She says she saves an average of 2 hours a day just as a result of the systems she built inside the program. That’s a lot more quality time with her son!

More importantly, she said she got a 5x return on the amount she invested in the program. 

Now that Jenn has graduated from the Bootcamp, she feels an overwhelming sense of relief.

She says, “I feel more in control of my life. Rather than being in constant reactivity, I am getting on offense. And it’s so comforting to know that when I fall off the wagon, there’s a system in place to help me get back on track.”

If you want to have a life where you can have it all – the career, the marriage, the family, the health, the fulfillment– without having to DO it all, then the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp could be for you. 

Demir & Carey Bentley

Demir and Carey Bentley are the founders of Lifehack Method, WSJ & USA Today bestselling authors, and executive productivity coaches. They've helped thousands of people avoid burnout and soar to their highest level of productivity. Read more about them here.