Dr. Brandie is a busy chiropractic practice owner, an author, and a public speaker.

Needless to say… a total boss! But she wanted to become an even better boss – create systems, outsource work, and free up time to get her mental and physical health back – which is how she found Lifehack Method.

The Problem

Dr. Brandie was working 16 hours a day, at least six days a week.

Every weekend she’d tell herself: “this is the last weekend I’m going to work. No more!

But the next weekend, she’d spend an entire Saturday chugging away in the office. She was burnt out, and had no life outside of work. 

She was on the edge of a total meltdown. She loved her career, but felt like she couldn’t possibly work more. She was a candle that had been burning from both ends for far too long.

When I spoke with Demir, I really felt like he understood what I was going through, and really got to the heart of the matter. I felt like finally someone understood what I was doing and what I needed.

Dr. Brandie

What She Did

In our very first conversation with Brandie, Carey gave her one tiny piece of advice that increased the size of her business by 30% – and that was before our real work together even started!

Next, she joined our 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp. Initially, she set out on her goal to massively uplevel her systems and really improve the more mechanical aspects of her business and career. She was even able to hire a personal assistant and get the busy work off of her plate within the first few weeks of the Bootcamp!

After 2 months of working with us, her business had doubled in size. 

But the Bootcamp became about so much more for Dr. Brandie. She realized about halfway through the course that it wasn’t about getting her life back – it was about forging a new, powerful path forward. 

And she knocked that out of the park, too!

Halfway through the Bootcamp, I nearly had a breakdown. We were working on how to get my life back… and I realized – I didn’t have a life. Through Carey & Demir’s help… I was extricated from my jail of working all the time.

Dr. Brandie

The Result

Today Dr. Brandie still does everything she used to do:  She’s a practicing chiropractor, she’s an author, and she speaks at conferences. 

But what’s new is that she does it all in an entirely new headspace.

She’s on offense, not defense.

Even when things get intense, she never feels out of control.

Instead of working 16 hour days 6 days a week, she works 10 hour days… and keeps her weekends for herself. She’s been able to spend her time on the work that pushes her business and career forward – and she’s ENJOYING IT again! 

I asked Dr. Brandie what she wished she had known before starting working with us.

She said: “I didn’t need to set myself on fire to keep everyone else warm.”

*mic drop*

This Bootcamp was a life-changer. It’s not what I thought it was going to be… it was SO much more than that. Thank you Carey and Demir for making me smile again!

Dr. Brandie

If you want to have a life where you can have it all – the career, the marriage, the family, the health, the fulfillment– without having to DO it all, then the 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp could be for you. 

Demir & Carey Bentley

Demir and Carey Bentley are the founders of Lifehack Method, WSJ & USA Today bestselling authors, and executive productivity coaches. They've helped thousands of people avoid burnout and soar to their highest level of productivity. Read more about them here.