Aiden McFarland is a virtual assistant and business consultant for artists and creatives that work in the digital space, as well as a creative himself. Though he had been working remotely for years, he was really starting to feel like he wasn’t fully feeling the benefits of having such a flexible career.

“I felt like a chicken with my head cut off – both with work and with my passion projects. I was constantly stressed out, and not feeling like I was making progress anywhere – even if I WAS – because I was just too busy to see it or enjoy any of it.”

Aiden fancies himself an online course connoisseur – he’s spent a lot of time trying out online workshops and classes that promise to jumpstart your productivity.

“Every online course creator has a spiel. And it can sound great, but ultimately it’s just a spiel. But stumbling upon Lifehack Bootcamp felt different. Carey and Demir are different. It feels like a friend talking to you, kicking you in the pants.”

He hopped on a call with Freda – one of our assistant coaches – and immediately found clarity on things he’d been struggling with. “If this much progress can happen in a 10 minute call,” he asked himself, “what could the full bootcamp do for me?”

So he took the leap and joined our 60-day program. He says Demir’s coaching style – “straightforward, maybe sometimes harsh but in such a comforting way” – plays a massive role in why the bootcamp was so successful for him.

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Nowadays, Aiden – who struggles with anxiety and used to start nearly every work day in a panic – feels calmer than ever. His stress levels have all but evaporated. “I finally feel like I’m actually getting what I needed out of working from home,” he muses.

“And now that my cognitive load has been freed up, the universe is sending me things. Things that I was way too stressed out and busy to receive before… They’re just sort of showing up. So much so that I am now in the middle of a project that blends my work with my passion project – something I NEVER even considered a possibility.”

His word of advice for anyone considering Lifehack Bootcamp? “It is 150% worth the time and effort you put into it – because it does require effort. But once you put in the work, it’s crazy what you’re capable of!”

Demir & Carey Bentley

Demir and Carey Bentley are the founders of Lifehack Method, WSJ & USA Today bestselling authors, and executive productivity coaches. They've helped thousands of people avoid burnout and soar to their highest level of productivity. Read more about them here.