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Demir and Carey Bentley are founders of the Lifehack Method with a mission to show professionals and entrepreneurs how to perform at their highest level without burning out. So far, 50,000+ professionals have learned from Demir and Carey, with millions added in revenue and thousands of hours saved.

Having started their careers on Wall Street and in corporate America, they were climbing the corporate ladder with extremely long days and busy schedules – until Demir fell ill with stress related chronic illness. That’s when both Demir and Carey started reevaluating their lives so that they wouldn’t burn out and lose their health. Eventually, they figured out a system that helped Demir go from 80-hour weeks to 2-hour weeks while getting promoted. 

Today, Demir and Carey are location-independent entrepreneurs and authors of the WSJ and USA Today best-selling book “Winning The Week: How To Plan A Successful Week, Every Week”. They also run the popular podcast Freedom Decoded and share some of their best advice on their YouTube channel.

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Today, Cheryl Ham is a small business owner who runs a business called Hypnotic Yarn. But before joining the Lifehack Bootcamp tribe, Cheryl was juggling a full-time job and her then side business. At that point, she was working constantly and feeling burnt out. It wasn’t the life she wanted – at all! At the same time, she didn’t know how to scale her business to the point where she could focus on it full time.

After going through the bootcamp, Cheryl was able to start working on her business instead of in it and relax, end work earlier, and enjoy more time with her family. And, she got massive clarity about how to grow her business.

Read more about Cheryl’s story here.

Aiden McFarland is a virtual assistant and business consultant for artists and creatives in the digital space.

While he works remotely, he didn’t feel that he was feeling the benefits of a flexible career. He also struggled with anxiety and feeling panic at the start of every work day.

But after going through our bootcamp, Aiden feels calmer than ever and his stress is almost gone. He also has more mental space for the things he really enjoys doing!

Read more about Aiden’s story here.

Anita Mikhail works for a Fortune 500 company in corporate sales and accounts. She is a mother of two and a stepmother to one. Before joining our bootcamp, she used to struggle with setting healthy work boundaries and prioritizing the right things.

Now, she has a completely new perspective on life. She has more energy and feels more in control of her life. She doesn’t work during the evenings to catch up at work, has a more social life, and her cortisol levels have decreased.

You can read more about Anita’s story here.

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