Sean is a manager for one of the largest animal shelters in Canada.

He’s not only responsible for the well-being of all of the animals that come through the doors, but for a team of more than 10 employees and countless volunteers.

It’s a high-intensity line of work where lives are on the line, but he wouldn’t change it for the world. (We need more folks like this!)

But in pursuit of saving lives, he was sacrificing his sanity. He had hollowed himself out through constantly putting everyone’s needs in front of his own.

He loved his career, but wasn’t enjoying his life. He was in the thick of massive burnout.

It was November 2017 when I first watched a Lifehack Bootcamp video on YouTube. It was about the F.A.S.T. Time Mastery framework – and after watching a couple of preview videos, the price for the course (now available for members of Lifehack Tribe) was ridiculously affordable given what it promised. I signed up and watched the F section before I went to bed that night!

Within ten days, I was well onto the “T” section – and began what was pitched as “a week of time tracking” to find out where my time went. After all, the course promised to get me back TEN hours of my time and by tracking where it went, I could decide, next time, if I want to invest or not. It was a habit that stuck and the week of time tracking turned into a six-week measure until December 31, 2017.

He went on to take our 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp, and almost immediately started making massive changes to his life.

He finally saw how much time he WASN’T spending on himself.

He wasn’t exercising, had very little time in his life for play. He was in complete imbalance.

Sean’s biggest challenge coming into our community was that he had lost faith in planning ahead. He used to love checklists and planning, but the more times he showed up for work only to have those lists pushed aside as he focused on putting out fires, the more discouraged he became.

During his time in the 60-Day Bootcamp, he rediscovered the power of planning ahead, getting organized, and creating solid routines.

Time tracking has transformed the approach I take to life. I don’t wait for it to come to me but rather make use of my God-given gifts of choice and will that propel me toward being my very best self each and every day.

It had such a profound impact on him that his husband took notice as well.

Now, the two of them use Asana together and have incorporated a lot of Lifehack Bootcamp methods – like pre-planning their grocery shopping and meals – into their home life!

How amazing is that?!