Conventional wisdom teaches us that in order to be successful, we have to out-work the competition.

We’re told that working ourselves to the bone will eventually pay off.

But what if that’s just not true?

What if conventional wisdom isn’t so WISE?

Jessa and her family lived in Brooklyn. Both her and her husband were a part of the overworked-and-underslept culture.

She had a dream of running an online business, but was struggling to get it off the ground – mostly because didn’t have the time or energy needed to grow the business.

That’s why she joined our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp in late 2016. Jessa decided to level up her game, and create enough time and focus to turn her side hustle into a full-time career.

While working the Lifehack Method process, she and her husband made a completely counter-intuitive decision:  They would move their family to the Caribbean.

Talk about the OPPOSITE of conventional wisdom! Aren’t you supposed to struggle and suffer while you build your business?

But Jessa found a solution that actually made WAY more sense than conventional wisdom: moving to a lower cost country effectively gave her a runway to get her business off the ground, even as the family lived the good life!

Now, not only has her online business taken off… but check this out ?

“My success means we can actually go BACK to Brooklyn and live even BIGGER lives there (even with the extra expense). And we’re keeping our home here on the islands. Now we get to lived the “best of both worlds” option – without breaking myself.”

Thank you Jessa, for showing us that there are more solutions out there than conventional wisdom would lead us to believe.