When we met Aiden, he was being pulled in a million directions.

He was a virtual assistant and business consultant for artists and creatives that work in the digital space, as well as a creative himself.

Though he had been working remotely for years, he was really starting to feel like he wasn’t fully feeling the benefits of having such a flexible career.

“I felt like a chicken with my head cut off – both at work and with my passion projects. I was constantly stressed out, and not feeling like I was making progress anywhere – because I was just too busy to see it or enjoy any of it.”

He felt unsure about the direction his life and career seemed to be headed in, but felt incapable of making any decisions around it.

He hopped on a call with one of our assistant coaches Freda – and immediately found clarity on things he’d been struggling with.

If this much progress can happen in a 10 minute call,” he asked himself, “what could the full bootcamp do for me?

He joined our 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp in desperation.

Nowadays, Aiden – who struggled with anxiety and used to start nearly every work day in a panic – feels calmer than ever.

He works with his “dream clients”, gets paid premium rates, and lives in the city of his dreams. His stress levels have all but evaporated.

He’s even been able to blend his career with his passion project – something he never even conceived as possible before.

One small shift in his mindset changed his entire life.