Missy had too much on her plate.

She was a corporate trainer and a teacher by day, and she had an Airbnb business on the side.

Then she had the bright idea to go into business with her partner, opening a gym together (Warning bells!)

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In one fell swoop: her business crashed, her relationship fell apart, and she plunged into bankruptcy.

She reached – and surpassed – her breaking point.

Out of desperation, she joined The Lifehack Tribe – just hoping to learn how to cope with the overwhelm.

…But what she got was a complete overhaul of her life!

She faced all of her worst-case scenarios at ONCE. And got through it.

Just one short year later, and she’s back on the road to financial freedom. She shed SO MANY unwanted commitments, both financial and personal. And she even started a completely new side hustle that’s actually thriving!

I asked Missy what she’s learned over the last year from her experiences and joining our community:

“To just surrender to the [Lifehack Method] process. It’s so out of character for me to turn over control of my habits and practices to someone other than myself… But clearly my way of doing things wasn’t working! I surrendered … and that one moment of surrender changed my entire life.”

I see this so often with our clients. They’re so overwhelmed it’s causing analysis paralysis. They need to “let go” and let me help them.

Sometimes it’s better to turn off your brain and embrace a trusted process for digging yourself out of the hole. And when you do, the progress goes so much faster than you could have imagined.

I’m so proud of you Missy!

I’ll be sharing our next incredible Success Story later this week – stay tuned!