From the outside looking in… Kathryn had it made.

She was the head of business development management for a big European food brand. She had great customers and an awesome team. She was the primary source of income in her household.

And yet… She was completely (desperately!) miserable.

Her boss was a tyrant. He was flooding her life with negativity, and had made her (and other members of her team) cry on more than one occasion.

Even though she is a strong woman… It was eroding her confidence and belief in herself.

She needed out.

But everyone thought she was crazy for wanting to leave.

“You’re comfortable! Don’t risk that because of one mean guy…”
“Unless you have a competitive job offer, it’d be irresponsible to quit…”
“Focus on your own positivity, don’t pay attention to him!”

She knew deep down that if she didn’t change her circumstances – and fast – she’d drown in his toxicity.

She came to us with a simple idea:

I want to transition out of this company, and into consulting for small businesses.

So Kathryn took a giant leap: she joined our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp.

Over the course of 8 weeks, she got deliberate with her actions, and came up with an exit strategy.

I won’t say it happened overnight – because it didn’t!

But within 8 months, she said goodbye to a job that had held her back for an entire decade. And struck out on her own as a consultant.

Today that old boss and his abuse are FAR in the rearview mirror. She has built a successful business with an ideal partner.

And best yet – she believes in herself again. She knows her worth.