Jennifer was a doctor who had taken ten years off of work to focus on her family.

She had always wanted to open a diabetes clinic in her area.

And though she had a hundred great ideas about how to get started, she wasn’t executing on any of them.

She didn’t know what she should be doing in the moment in order to push her big goals forward.

She said yes to everything, and wasn’t able to fully focus on any of it.

(Sound familiar? We’ve all been there!)

“I used to say I didn’t have enough time or support to get to where I wanted to be,” she muses on a recent coaching call.

“Turns out, that was one big fat excuse. I had everything I needed in order to succeed. I just didn’t know where to start!”

She was shooting herself in the foot, and was desperate for someone to call her on her own BS.

She joined our membership community (The Lifehack Tribe) to be held accountable for her time – and that’s exactly what she got!

She loved her results so much, she upgraded her experience to take our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp. After 4 years of delay, within 8 months she had her dream clinic open and was seeing her first patients!

Not only that – she’s now seen as a thought leader in her field, giving talks and classes to other doctors.

And best of all – she learned how to stop being her own worst enemy.