When we first met Brandie, she was working 16 hours a day, at least six days a week.

Every weekend, she’d tell herself: “this is the last weekend I am going to work. No more!”

And then the next weekend, she’d spend an entire Saturday chugging away in the office.

She was burnt out (that’s an understatement!)

She was a chiropractor, an author, and a public speaker – and had no life outside of her work.

She was on the edge of a total meltdown (let’s be honest – she was already in meltdown mode). She loved her career, but felt like she couldn’t possibly work more. She was a candle that had been burning from both ends for far too long.

She needed to step into her full potential as a boss – create systems, outsource work, and free up time to get her mental and physical health back.

In our very first conversation, Carey gave her one tiny piece of advice that increased the size of her business by 30% – and that was before our real work together even started!

The next thing she did once joining our 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp was hire an assistant and get the busy work off of her plate.

By the 60 day mark of working with us, her business had doubled in size. (That’s only TWO MONTHS!)

Today Dr. Brandie does everything she used to do:  She’s a practicing chiropractor, she’s an author, and she speaks at conferences. 

But what’s new is that she does it all in an entirely new headspace. She’s on offense, not defense. Even when things get intense, she never feels out of control.

I asked Dr. Brandie what she wished she had known before starting working with us.

She said: “I didn’t need to set myself on fire to keep everyone else warm.”

*mic drop*