See if this productivity Death Star sounds familiar.

A mountain of tasks (outside of your control) is holding you back from your personal badass-ness.

On top of that, any progress you make on your mountain is often buried beneath a new avalanche of tasks such that…

Your Mt. Death Star is impossible to summit.

That’s basically what – who I’ll call Athena (because deep down she is badass like Athena… she just hasn’t realized it yet) – is facing.

As a quick reminder we’re tackling Death Stars here.

That is the SINGLE biggest or most impossible thing that is stopping you from enjoying the crap out of your life.

This one is a mountain of never ending tasks that keeps you tethered to mediocrity by:

  • Eroding your self confidence in yourself as a finisher / doer…
  • Spoiling your closest relationships by keeping you in an unhappy and cranky mood…
  • Maintaining a frantic – out of control – attitude towards life

On top of that, re probably making yourself even MORE miserable by comparing yourself to others who you feel have it together.

That’s what Athena is doing (and this is her Death Star).

And I’m calling her Athena because deep down she is badass like Athena (she just hasn’t stepped into her power yet).

First off, let’s address the deeper problem that is creating Athena’s miserable reality.

It’s likely some format of the following victim statement.

I have too much to do, that’s why I can’t ______________:

  • Be the mom or dad I want to be…
  • Make the money I want to make…
  • Get the job I want to get…
  • Lose the weight I want to lose…

The problem is, once you play this victim statement out enough times in your head, instead of attacking the problem, you start DEFENDING it!

…you can’t tell me I don’t have too much on my plate, I can prove it to you…

… because I have so much on my plate, now I can be forgiven for NOT fixing ___________…

…you can’t possibly blame me for this situation because it’s too big for anyone to handle…

This one of the top 5 limiting beliefs that we tackle in our 60 Breakthrough Bootcamp, what I call:

Limiting Belief #3: I have too much on my plate

This is common issue that can grind even the highest-of-achievers into the ground like a burnt out cigarette butt, and there are two different truth torpedoes for tackling it.

First off, the real underlying issue here is


You want to be in control of your life, but so much is happening to you all the time, that you are failing to keep up (and feel like a failure).

This again is a common issue I see and there are two truth torpedoes for shooting this Death Star down.

Just note…

If this is your productivity Death Star, try and read these with an open mind without blindly defending your situation.

Truth Torpedo #1: Success is not about getting everything done

If you are a Type-A-control-freak (like lots of the professionals who join our Bootcamps), this is a hard one to swallow, but it’s true.

Success is not about getting everything done…
success is about getting the RIGHT things done.

And the crazier and more miserable your schedule is, the more truth you’ll find in this statement.

Fact is, if you truly are THAT busy, I bet you’re spending the majority of your day killing cockroach-sized tasks that don’t really matter.

And by “don’t really matter” I simply mean that the tasks you are completing are not moving you towards enjoying the crap out of your life.

Instead, they are probably making you miserable, which is a good segue to this…

Truth Torpedo #2: Most fires need to burn themselves out…

I often get this question…

If I only focus on the big meaningful tasks in my life, what do I do about all of the fires that everyone throws at me on a daily basis?

Read my lips, folks.

“Let them BURN with zero percent containment!”

-Demir Bentley

This is a hard lesson to swallow if you are a Type-A-control-everything person, but it’s true.

Not all fires should be put out by you (even if they are small and easy).

Put another way…

Don’t let other people’s piss-poor planning become your emergency!

Instead, let those fires burn until one of two things happen:

#1: The fire burns themselves out (without you)

#2: The fire becomes a real problem that truly demands your attention

9 times outta 10, your fires will burn themselves out WITHOUT your involvement.

That frees you up to focus on the big, meaningful stuff in your life that truly needs your undivided attention.

And if you don’t think these truth torpedoes apply to your situation, then I encourage you to talk to one of my Lifehack Coaches below.

I don’t care what your job is or how busy you think you are, I guarantee that there are fires in your life that are wasting your precious time.

You might be missing a system or two for managing them now, but I guarantee they can be managed.

To discuss your situation with a Lifehack Coach and learn more about our upcoming 60-Day Breakthrough Bootcamp, see details below.

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