GUYS – Demir just did the most epic podcast interview called “The Biggest Cover-Up In Productivity History”
We are so pumped to share this interview Demir did with Amber De La Garza – a productivity coach, speaker, writer, podcast host and mom. She’s a total rockstar that can help you create, sustain and accelerate the business of your dreams!
In this interview we talk about…
– How to shift from working a 9 to 5 to working 5 to 9
– The F.A.S.T. Time Mastery methodology and how to incorporate it into your life NOW
– The importance of consistent, radical self care as a busy professional
Amber makes talking about hard hitting topics like these easy and accessible!
We can’t wait to hear what YOU learned from this interview. Let us know your biggest takeaway!
Click on the photo below or right here to listen now!