Demir & Carey are top-ranked coaches from Lifehack Bootcamp. They’ve been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, and all sorts of top podcasts sharing their secrets to getting more done while designing a life of freedom and fun.

They’ve agreed to host a live workshop exclusively for managers who want to create a better system for working SMARTER, not harder.

They’ll be sharing the top 4 skills for managers who need to wear many hats and juggle projects, deadlines, and home commitments all at the same time.

What You'll Learn In This Training

You’ll leave this training with the 4 top skills you need to become a master of your time.

⚡️How to get 2x more work done using the FAST method (Focus, Attitude, Stamina, and Time)
⚡️Why Focus is the #1 skill to learn in today’s economy – and how to destroy distractions to get back to focus
⚡️How shifting your mindsets towards work can massively change your results
⚡️Our secret hack to immediately recover 10 hours in your week
⚡️…And so much more